Image of shelter


Where Are You?

for Nathan Nguyen, Los Angeles

Where are you?
I have plays
to tell you about --
Chekhov, Stoppard,
The King and I --
and dinners to
describe, and
to bemoan.

Where are you?
I wrote most of a poem
and found another
I'd forgotten.
I went to a funeral
(a great aunt, 98)
and had a dream about
my dead father. I made
lots of bread.
(Was it something I said?)

Where are you?
There's snow on the
ground here -- salt stains
the streets white.
It's cold. Yesterday,
at the National Gallery,
I saw a drawing by
Michaelangelo and
wanted to show you:
Phaeton, tumbling,
plunging out of the sky,
with his father Apollo's
four strong horses writhing
helpless around him
as they fall.

January 1997

National Gallery of Art

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