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Recent Dreams: Report and Analysis

In one, I am chased -- nuzzled, shoved --
by Holsteins of inscrutable intent.
My dairy-farmer friend Lou's, no doubt.
The Holsteins can tell I'm afraid.
They're everywhere I turn, close to me.
The pasture is lumpy and it's hard to run.

Another is a murder mystery
in the making: Cops have surrounded
the 33-year-old I slept with at 14.
The clock is ticking toward their shootout.
I try to slip away, but I spot him
through a picture window, and I can tell
he's recognized my red Jeep. He has a gun.
I put the Jeep in gear, slowly, and then
I have to wake myself up. Make myself think
of anything else, till the dream won't start
again. The grocery list. That cute guy Ken's
flat stomach. The letter I've been wanting
to write to my boyfriend: "One more thing
about the guy you met at Badlands. You waited
for him to call (all last week) and he didn't."

In the third, Patrick from the office
wants to sleep with me. I am surprised,
and happier than I have been in months,
because someone wants me and there is
no doubt, no mistaken intention. I fall asleep
in bed beside him, pure-oxygen happy,
the way you can only be in dreams.

Summer, 1999

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