Building Museum
Building Museum, Washington, December 1999


(May, 2006)

Rittenhouse's Orrery
(January, 2006)

Ocean of Dogs
(August, 2005)

Brian and Yvette Move to Louisiana
(August, 2004)

(December, 2004)

(Beginning November, 1999; last updated April, 2003)

The Miracle of the Kitchen Matches
(September, 2002)

Mark at the Weight Machine
(September, 2002)

Vapor Trail
(May, 2002)

Poem for the Rededication of Henszey's Wrought-Iron Bridge
(May, 2002)

The Wisteria Climbs Again
to My Neighbor Alice's Window

(April, 2002)

Interview: Brunetto Latini on Canto XV (Excerpt)
(March, 2002)

Heidi's Globe Earrings
(February, 2002)

Gallery, 116 Prince Street
(November, 2001)

(November, 2001)

Suite from "Der Rosenkavalier"
(November, 2001)

Song of the East Broad Top Railroad
(November, 2001)

Mathias's Poems
(August, 2001)

Maine Turnpike Honeymoon
(July, 2001)

Barbecue at Brendan and Tom's
(June, 2001)

The Canoeist with Buzz-Cut Hair
(June, 2001)

New Neighbors
(June, 2001)

The New Plan
(June, 2001)

Your 43rd Birthday:
A User's Guide for the Single Gay Man

(February, 2001)

Place of Miracles
(EconoLodge, Ridgecrest, Calif.)

(February, 2001)

(February, 2001)

Inside That (An Inaugural Poem)
(January 15, 2001)

(December, 2000)

History of Art: The 19th Century
(December, 2000)

(December, 2000)

October (After Georges Seurat)
(November, 2000)

Nom de plume
(October, 2000)

Heron, Rock Creek Park
(September, 2000)

(August, 2000)

Industry Observed in Nature
by an Idle-Feeling Vacationer

(August, 2000)

At Lunch, After a Visit to the Frick Collection
(May, 2000)

Notes for a Friend Slowly Losing His Hearing
(May, 2000)

My Grandmother at 90
(May, 2000)

At New Year's (An Unpublished Essay by Justin Rood)
(April, 2000)

Fantasia for Luke Smith (After John Noble Wilford)
(April, 2000)

(April, 2000)

1812 Overture
(March, 2000)

After Shakespeare
(March, 2000)

Recent Dreams: Report and Analysis
(March, 2000)

(March, 2000)

"Flowers in Loving Memory of Bessie Huidekoper Fay"
(March, 2000)

To Kiss:
(March, 2000)

Glenn Gould Discusses His 1982 Recording
of the Goldberg Variations, BWV 988

(February, 2000)

(January, 2000)

(January, 2000)

Imagining Your Father
(January, 2000)

Lines Before Leaving for Work
(November, 1999)

We Break Up
(August, 1999)

Encyclopedia Britannica
(July, 1999)

Scherzer Rolling Lift, Providence, Rhode Island
(June, 1999)


Maine Night
(for B. J. DiPietro)

La Bohême
(in memory of Miguel Garcia-Tuñon, 1962 - 1989)

Or Think How Soap...

Where Are You?
(for Nathan Nguyen, Los Angeles)


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