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Ocean of Dogs

For Kelly and Jason

Swelling, cresting, crashing, roiling --
waves of gleeful dogs reach high as visitors' waists,
like breakers on a coast on a windy autumn day.
A two-dog ocean fills the house knee-deep,
sometimes storm-tossed, other times becalmed --
eddies and whirlpools of dogs in the kitchen,
swift currents of dogs in the hall,
and in the living room flood-tides
that slowly subside
(tails washing over the coffee table)
into pools and puddles of pooches
curled up on the carpet.

But then, another tempest --
the back door opens!
A tsunami of dogs pours out,
rushing down the steps and across the lawn,
racing halfway up the hillside
the way saltwater is flung far up a sandy beach
and lingers before gravity calls it back.

August 2005

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