The Strasburg Railroad

No. 475 at Carpenter's

No. 475 at the grade crossing at Carpenter's, November 2005

No. 475 in afternoon light

No. 475 in late afternoon light in the yard, November 2005

No. 90 passing the coal pile

No. 90 backing past the coal pile,

No. 90 in yard

No. 90 again

Below are a few pictures from a visit to the Strasburg on November 18, 2001. As is often the case, the train was being pulled by the road's largest locomotive, No. 90, a 2-10-0 that began life hauling sugar beets in Colorado. It is in magnificent condition -- no steam leaks, no clanking in the running gear -- and like all Strasburg steam power, so clean that it reflected late-afternoon light beautifully.

No. 90

No. 90 approaching from a distance.

No. 90

And getting closer.

No. 90

Nearly here.

No. 90 at crossing

No. 90 rolling through a grade crossing.

No. 90

No. 90 at the Strasburg station.

No. 90

No. 90 in the engine yard, as her fire is being dropped.
Note the Ma & Pa boxcar under the water column on the right.