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The Maine
Narrow Gauge

No. 3 waiting with train

The Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad is a new two-foot-gauge tourist line operating along a former Grand Trunk right-of-way under Portland's Eastern Promenade. The railroad has three steam locomotives from various Maine railroads. It offers a brief ride to the end of Commercial Street, where the engine is backed to the other end of the consist. The train then proceeds around the Prom as far as the old Grand Trunk drawbridge, where the engine is run around the train again before returning. These pictures were taken July 5, 1999.

No. 3 backing
Having run a few hundred yards to the end of the line, No. 3 backs past her train.
The 17-ton 0-4-4 was built by Vulcan in 1913 for the six-mile-long Monson Railroad.

A brakeman's hands indicate how close the locomotive's coupler is to the last car's.

Backing train
A puff of steam indicates that No. 3, safely attached to the passenger consist, has begun
the run toward the other end of the line. The engineer is Jason Lamontagne
of the Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington.

By the bridge
Beneath the Eastern Prom, No. 3 heads toward the switch for the siding.
The white building in the background is the B&M Baked Beans plant.

Drawbridge view
No. 3 passes beside the train...

The scenery is lovely. That's Casco Bay on the left, and my stepfather
on the right. He was very patient with me all day.

On the main line
This view shows No. 3 leading the train around a curve at the bottom of the Prom.

Train vanishing
State authorities required the two-foot line to use standard-gauge ties and full-sized rails --
in case standard-gauge service is ever restored, apparently. Go figure.

No. 3 backing again ...and again

Maybe I was just always standing in the wrong place, but I came away with a lot of pictures
of No. 3 backing up. These two offer a good sense of the diminutive locomotive's lines.