Mr. Heavy-Hand-with-the-Cayenne taste-tests the shrimp-and-okra bisque.

Thanksgiving 2002
Eric's Cajun Irving Street Feast

Sean went shopping

On Wednesday Sean was allowed to go to Pearson's unsupervised, in preparation for the after-feast party. The consequence? Deadly Hurricanes in the kitchen. A keg of Sierra Nevada on the porch. Kegstands. Missing cars. And so much more.

Kristin and Eric

Kristin and Eric in the kitchen Thursday afternoon

Zoe and Steve

Zoë and Steve in the living room


Erica on the sofa

Erica again

Erica in the front hall

Erica yet again

Erica and her sippy-cup

Eric and Mary

Eric and Mary


Michael in his housecleaning costume


Cold storage on the back porch

Eric and Mary again

Eric and Mary discussing the jambalaya

Erica in tiara

During what was supposed to be her nap, Erica found Uncle Bunky's tiara. Don't ask.

Two Marys

Mary C. and Mary M. in the dining room


From Deltaville, Eric and Kristin's stepfather Ian sent rockfish he had caught himself. Two fillets, already seasoned, wait for their turn in the broiler. Also on the menu, besides the fiery bisque: étouffée, dirty rice, hushpuppies, greens (by David Wilson), mashed sweet potatoes (by Mary C.); onion bread, and desserts so numerous I can't remember them all. And lots of red wine.

Eric cooking

Eric with the blackening seasoning

David Wilson and Eric

David Wilson was one of the early arrivals.


Mary clearing the table for the feast


It was kind of a long day.

Eric and Mary

Eric and Mary


Mathias, up from Richmond, at the beginning of the party. That sippy-cup turned out to be Sean's.


The official Irving Street house portrait.
Standing: Eric, Michael, and Mary. Kneeling: Sean and Andy.

29 November 2002