No. 14 at crossing

The East Broad Top Railroad:
1999 Fall Spectacular

No. 15 in yard
No. 15 passing the E.B.T.'s tanker car on her way through the yard.

Coal tipple
No. 14 pushes a passenger train past a coal hopper and the Orbisonia yard's three-way stub switch.

Joe K.
The E.B.T.'s owner, Joe Kovalchik (center), briefing train crews before the Whistle Salute.

Four locos
It's not easy getting four Mikados in a single photograph --
especially when you're in the middle of a crowd, holding your camera
up over your head...

The M-1 leaving for her sold-out annual ride.

No. 18
The railroad pulled No. 18 out of the roundhouse
and put her on display in the yard.

No. 18 drivers
A side view of No. 18. Stencilled above her drivers
are the characters "TESTED 3 13 56." The railroad closed a month later.

In the lull that followed the afternoon runs, a fan crossed the Blacklog Creek bridge.

Caboose No. 28, which trailed the mixed train, ended up on the siding next to the foundry.

No. 14 was run up up almost into the roundhouse so the front-end loader
could refuel No. 15 from the coal pile by the turntable.

The railroad is said to have trouble maintaining the Mikes' generators,
but it was easy to see No. 14's headlamp from the Blacklog Creek bridge
as she waited by the station at dusk.

Night train
No. 14 leads the first of two night trains out of Orbisonia.

When No. 15 started her run with the second night train,
which consisted mostly of open cars, a steady rain was falling.