The East Broad Top Railroad:
September 2001

A few pictures from a visit to the E.B.T. on September 21, 2001.

No. 14 waiting

No. 14 waiting in front of the Orbisonia station.

Empty bridge

A digital-zoom shot of the train, taken from the north side
of the Blacklog Creek bridge.

No. 14 in grass

The 3 p.m. train approaching McMullins Summit in a dry September.

The long fill

The train on the southern end of the long fill.

Zoom shot

A digital-zoom shot of No. 14 at Colgate Grove.

The S curve

Another digital-zoom shot, showing the train on the S-curve north of Runks Road.

Runks curve

The curve by Runks Road, after the train.


The train rattles and squeals along the rails paralleling Route 522.

In the yard

After negotiating the Rockhill wye, the train heads up through the yard toward the shops. Normally E.B.T. locomotives fly white signal flags indicating that they are running as extras. The American flags flanking No. 14's stack were added after the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington.


A surviving wooden boxcar waits for her annual tour
of the line on the Fall Spectacular's mixed trains.

Fire plug

Just as old as the rolling stock are the railroad's
assorted fixtures. This fireplug stands by a rusted hopper
south of the shops.


Three men -- including engineer Tom Holder, hidden on the far side of the turntable -- are working hard to move No. 14. Her stall in the roundhouse is two tracks over from the turntable lead, which is opposite No. 17's stall.

No. 17's flags

Through an open window in the roundhouse you could see that No. 17 is already wearing her flags for the Fall Spectacular, two weeks hence.

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