The East Broad Top: Movies

No. 14 in grass

My camera, an Olympus C-700, has a movie mode capable of producing short mpeg movies. The image size is small and the sound, recorded by a tiny microphone in the camera, is nothing to write home about. (Mysteriously, the microphone picks up the locomotive's generators better than anything else.) Still, in the middle of the winter when you need a steam-whistle fix...

If you don't have a Quicktime player, you can download one free from Apple's Web site.

McMullins Summit
No. 14 approaches the telltale protecting the overpass at McMullins Summit during the final weekend of the 2002 season (1.3 MB Quicktime file).

Backing the seven-car consist up the steep grade at the Colgate Grove wye, No. 14 is working hard -- and you can hear it (4.2 MB Quicktime file).

Southbound with the 3 p.m. train on October 25, 2002, No. 14 approaches the grade crossing at Enyhart Road (4.1 MB Quicktime file).

Grade crossing
No. 14 whistles for a grade crossing, September 2002. A good recording of Tom Holder's signature work on the whistle cord (3 MB Quicktime file).

No. 14
No. 14 crosses Meadow Street, Autumn 2001
(3.3 MB Quicktime file).

No. 14 at Runks
No. 14 approaches the Runks Road overpass
(2.7 MB Quicktime file).