The East Broad Top Railroad:
Final Weekend, 2002

Pictures taken October 26, 2002 -- the Saturday of the final weekend of the 2002 operating season. I arrived at about five minutes to one, altogether missing the first train and very nearly missing the second. Luckily for all involved, it left late, because the crowd on the platform was so big that two extra cars had to be added to the consist at the last minute.

Taking water

Following the 1 p.m. run, No. 14 takes water at the south end of the yard.

At the station

The crowd for the 1 p.m. train included a busload of Smithsonian Associates who hung around all afternoon. Here No. 14 waits for the 3 p.m. departure at the station.

Head on

Something must have been leaking somewhere, because No. 14 spent the afternoon wreathed in steam -- at least whenever she was standing still.

Long fill

The train crosses the long fill ...

Long fill again

... and returns.

Side view

Heading south towards McMullins Summit, the train passes hillsides brilliant with fall colors.


In what could be a classic railroad-PR-office shot, No. 14 approaches the Blacklog Creek bridge.


Having backed the train through the wye, No. 14 heads up through the yard to Meadow Street.

Fall Event pictures

Video clips

If you don't have a Quicktime player, you can download one free from Apple's Web site.

McMullins Summit
No. 14 approaches the telltale protecting the overpass at McMullins Summit (1.3 MB Quicktime file).

Backing the seven-car consist up the steep grade at the Colgate Grove wye,
No. 14 is working hard -- and you can hear it (4.2 MB Quicktime file).

Southbound with the 3 p.m. train, No. 14 approaches the grade crossing
at Enyhart Road (4.1 MB Quicktime file).

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