Coal tipple

The East Broad Top Railroad:
Fall 'Event' 2002

Pictures from the first day of the East Broad Top's "Fall Event," 13 October 2002. Of the Mikados, only No. 14 was operable. The railroad did its best to make up for the lack of steam, however, by adding an extra M-1 run and tours of the roundhouse. The Shade Gap picnic train was pulled by M-7, sporting a borrowed (and extra loud) air horn. Was this is first scheduled diesel passenger service in the railroad's history?

Classic paint

No. 14 had been stripped of her tourist-era white trim and polished brass bands for an upcoming photo charter, affording many fans their first sight of locomotive as it looked when it was hauling coal hoppers for real.

No. 14 with train

No. 14 taking water at the south end of the yard after a midday train.

Nos. 16 and 14

As it has in previous years, the railroad hauled one of the long-unused Mikes, No. 16, out of the roundhouse for display by the Meadow Street crossing. Here No. 14 approaches her larger sister on the main line.

Dual gauge

M-1, often confined to a single swaying trip to Colgate Grove, was scheduled for two trips a day this year. Here she is seen on dual-gauge track in the Rockhill wye.


A more proper portrait, by the coal tipple, in the early afternoon.


M-7, newly outfitted with train brakes, was the day's unsung hero, but I didn't think to get a decent picture. Here she pulls the picnic train up through the yard, passing behind No. 14 and the passenger consist on the coach track.


Okay, so this is a little saccharine, but I couldn't resist. No. 14 has just backed the passenger train onto the coach track at the beginning of the mid-afternoon break

Engine lead

No. 14 slips behind the shops on her way to dump her ashes during the afternoon break.


Two speeders were in the yard when I arrived...

Second speeder

... and kids of all ages were offered rides.

No. 14 backlit

M-7's headlamp backlights No. 14 as she waits with the passenger train for the evening run.

Night trains

No. 14 and her extra-long, seven-car train, having inched onto rarely-used rail to navigate the Colgate Grove wye, wait for M-7 and the picnic train, seen arriving.

Night fans

As No. 14 backed the passenger consist onto the coach track after the evening run, two fans watched.

Meadow Street

No. 14 pulling onto Meadow Street to clear the switch for the main line after dropping off the passenger consist.