No. 17

The East Broad Top Railroad:
Fall Spectacular 2001

Pictures from the first day of the 2001 E.B.T. Fall Spectacular.

No. 15 by the coal dock

No. 15 puts on an impressive show pulling away from the water spout by the coal dock.

No. 17 in the yard

No. 17 doing what she was built to do: Pulling coal hoppers.

No. 14 yard

No. 14 easing the passenger consist onto the main.

Passenger train

The passenger train heading for Colgate Grove with a full load of fans ...

Passenger train again

... and returning.

With the sun behind a cloud, No. 14 is a study in gray on the long fill. Yes, the coaches do rock some.

No. 15's cab

A quick shot on No. 15's cab from the other side of a line of hoppers.

No. 16

No. 16 is spotted just south of Meadow Street, greeting returning trains.

No. 17 at the sandhouse

After handling her afternoon trains, No. 17 approaches the sandhouse.