The East Broad Top Railroad:
August 2001

A few pictures from a visit to the E.B.T. on August 18, 2001.

No. 14

After completing her first run, No. 14 waits with her train at the Orbisonia station.


A pair of the railroad's more modern switchstands.


The 1 p.m. train crosses the Blacklog Creek girder bridge.

Zoom shot

A digital-zoom shot of No. 14.

Long fill shot

Another digital-zoom shot, showing the train on the Long Fill. The Runks Road underpass is in the lower middle of the image.

S curve

Coming back from the picnic grove, the 1 p.m. train winds through the gentle S-curve north of Runks Road.

The Orbisonia

A straight shot through the rear door of the "Orbisonia" -- you can even see the reflection in her bevelled mirror.


Having negotiated the Rockhill wye, No. 14 heads begins the short run up through the yard.

The pit

Beside the shops, the locomotive eases to a stop over the inspection pit. Above her coupler is part of the railroad's vast collection of rusty tires.

Ash pit

The next stop is over the ash pit.


The engine inches onto the turntable. That's E.B.T. aficionado Lance Myers on the right -- he and Nevin Byers spent much of the day riding and chasing the trains.


With a few soft chuffs from her exhaust, No. 14 slips past us and into her stall.