No. 17

The East Broad Top Railroad:
Fall Spectacular 2001

More pictures from the first day of the 2001 E.B.T. Fall Spectacular.

NO. 15 and No. 14

After No. 17 drops her fire, No. 15 follows her to the ash pit, and No. 14 lines up to wait her turn.

No. 15 and No. 14

With No. 17 pulled forward into her stall in the roundhouse, No. 15 slips across the turntable so No. 14 can drop her fire. All three locomotives' fires are then re-lighted.

No. 14 at the ashpit

No. 14's fireman rakes ashes and cinders out of the bottom of her firebox.

Lance and Nevin

E.B.T. stalwarts Lance Myers and Nevin Byers watch No. 14 back toward her train.

No. 15 headlight

No. 15's headlight cuts through the smokey, chilly evening air.

No. 17 at night

While the two night trains are out on their runs, M-7 pulls a line of hoppers out onto the main in front of the station, and No. 17 backs through the yard from the wye to couple up to them. A gaggle of photographers waits on the platform for a promised night photo-op.

No. 17 at night again

No. 17 pulls up in front of the station to wait for the two night trains to pass. Alas, I run out of batteries, media-card space, and time.