Camp Windsor Hill letterhead

Old letterhead: Mail went to Oquossoc, calls to Rangeley, and passengers to Farmington.

Camp Windsor Hill

Rangeley Lake, Maine

The house

The house, as seen from the dock in July, 1998

Camp Windsor Hill was built in 1923 by Albert and Gretchen Hutzler, of Baltimore, as a summer house -- a "dilatory domicile," as the old postcards in the living-room desk call it. It overlooks the western end of Rangeley Lake from a hillside on Bonney Point, which is between the towns of Rangeley and Oquossoc. Amazingly, the camp has survived 75 summers, and 74 winters, with only minor changes -- some of them made by its owners, others by the capriciousness of the hillside down which the house is imperceptibly sliding.

Today the camp is enjoyed by a surprising and ecletic variety of the Hutzlers' heirs, some of them blood relations and others connected by an assortment of marriages, not all of which lasted as long as the attraction of the camp itself. Besides Hutzlers, the house is now cherished by Friedmans, Bernsteins, Guralniks, Biemillers, Hamptons, Oswalds, and others I haven't met and may not even have heard of.

And of course there are the bats ...

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