Harpers Ferry
Harper's Ferry in morning mist, September 24, 2000

Bike Trip from Dupont Circle to Harper's Ferry
on the C&O Canal, September 2000

At Riley's
Before the aching started: Riley's Lock, 11:30 a.m. Saturday.

Kelly stretching
Kelly stretching and trying to get cashew chunks out of his back teeth.
The cashews and a bag of raisins are on the wooden sign frame in the foreground.

Goldie and Kelly
Goldie and Kelly passing a detachment of Boy Scouts as they arrive at the Monocacy aqueduct.

Monocacy aqueduct
The Monocacy aqueduct, perfectly reflected in the muddy water of the river.

Jackson Rose steps
On the back steps at the Jackson Rose, after breakfasting on omelets and Deb's "Mother-in-Law cake."

Scott bestriding -- or at least beside -- the Potomac at Harper's Ferry.

The photo op
Scott snapping a picture of Goldie with the rivers' confluence as backdrop.

Scott's ride-by
Scott waves to his public.

Kelly's ride-by
Kelly is hamming it up for the camera, but the photographer snapped too soon...

Goldie's ride-by
Goldie smiling.

Becky's ride-by
Becky shows off her new front brake cable.

Andrea's ride-by
Andrea's ride-by.

Lawrence's ride-by
Lawrence's later ride-by, at the Catoctin aqueduct.

A gratuitous photo of a freight on the old Baltimore and Ohio main by the Catoctin aqueduct.

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