Leaving Georgetown: (left to right) Mandy, Matt, special guest Sam Houser, and Kelly at Lock 2, in front of the canal boat "Georgetown."

The C&O Canal:
Bike Trip From Georgetown
to Harper's Ferry (and back)

Mandy stretching

Mandy striking a classical pose.

Lawrence's flat

Before we even reached Violette's lock, Lawrence suffered the ride's only flat.

Lunch Saturday

Saturday's lunch, at the Chisel Branch Hiker-Biker Overnighter, just past milepost 30.

Black-eyed Susans

Kelly took this picture of black-eyed Susans behind our picnic table.


By the time we got to the Monocacy Aqueduct, at milepost 42, we were feeling it.

Milepost 50

No sooner did we pass milepost 50 -- Matt called out nearly every marker --
than Sam yelled for an Advil break. No one objected.

At Harper's Ferry Bridge from WVa
Karla rode down from Harper's Ferry to meet us. The picture on the left was taken just below
the pedestrian bridge across the Potomac. Kelly took the shot on the right.

Saturday night

Saturday night we stayed at the Jackson Rose, a bed-and-breakfast
that turned out to be much, much farther from the towpath than we expected.

Harper's Ferry view

This was the view Sunday morning from the front of an old hotel called the Hilltop.

Carrying bikes

Mandy and Sam carrying their bikes down from the bridge over the Potomac.

The towpath

For most of the way, we rode beside an empty canal prism.
Kelly took this picture while riding.

Stretching at Monocacy

At the Monocacy Aqueduct, stretching seemed like a really good idea. Out of sight
is Lawrence's life-sustaining supply of chocolate-covered espresso beans.

White's Ferry

Reaching White's Ferry, at about milepost 35, meant we were almost halfway home. We bought sandwiches at the White's Ferry store.

Lunch on Sunday

We ate Sunday's lunch at the same spot as Saturday's. Another picnicker took this picture.

Seneca Aqueduct

Like many canal structures, the Seneca Aqueduct has seen better days.
The missing arch was destroyed in a 1971 flood.

Violette's Lock

Violette's Lock, just below the Seneca Aqueduct, marks the beginning
of the watered section. Water comes in from the river through the inlet lock on the left.

At Kelly's

We finally reached Kelly's building about 6:30 -- exhausted, dirty, sore, and happy.
A passerby took this picture. Sam and Lawrence walked the rest of the way up the hill.